Top Japanese Dishes

1. Tamagoyaki

This dish is made entirely out of scrambled egg. But it’s not just any ordinary scrambled egg. It’s light, fluffy, and made into a fun rectangular shape. Although it looks easy, it’s actually quite complicated to make. It requires a special pan and some serious flipping and measuring skills.

2. Onigiri

Onigiri is a rice ball shaped into a triangle or a ball. The filling inside can be made of anything. Whether it’s preserved plums or salmon. The onigiri has grown in popularity across the world, and can even be bought by piece at grocery stores, cafeterias, and even convenience shops worldwide.

3. Curry

This is a delicacy that is a staple in Japanese homes. While there are so many variations of curry in Japan, they all are delicious in its own right. From curry with apple, and even with honey, the Japanese dish is sure to make you asking for more rice due to its thick sauce.


4. Ramen

Another dish with as much variety as there are prefectures in Japan. From plain soy sauce to tonkotsu broth, Ramen is a sure delight for the taste buds. The fun part is always the toppings and the soup. This Japanese classic is here to stay.

5. Sushi

Perhaps the favorite dish of all Japanese people. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Japanese person who hates sushi. It’s embedded in their culture as fast food is embedded in American culture. Sushi chefs are treated like celebrities in Japan. When you’re skilled at what you do, and you fill people’s stomachs, it’s no wonder you would be famous.