Where to Find Cheap Food in Tokyo

While Tokyo is notorious for its pricey meals, there are restaurants and shops that serve affordable food here. Check out our guide below.

1. Pepper Lunch

This is a popular chain restaurant in Japan that serves thin slices of meat in a skillet with some rice and corn. The taste is undeniably good, and you can get it for under 1,000 yen.

2. Ikinari Steak

Under the same company as Pepper Lunch is this equally great restaurant. The unique factor? You eat your steak standing up. Money saved from the chairs reflects on the price of your dish.


3. Gindaco Highball Sakaba

Here you can get 8 pieces of Takoyaki for 650 yen. That’s quite a bargain for Tokyo. Personally, I like to eat my Takoyaki with rice. A peculiar habit for Japanese people.

4. Tempura Tendon Tenya

Here you can eat Tempura with rice and soup for under 1,000 yen. It looks really good. Just imagine the crispy tempura cracking in your mouth as you drink warm soup with soft Jasmine rice. Mmmm!

5. Yoshinoya

Here you can get a pork rice bowl for under 500 yen. For the price, you’ll get filled up, and you get delicious food.

If all else fails, you can always head out for some ramen or curry. These foods will almost guarantee a cheap price. And if it still doesn’t fit your budget, there’s always the convenience store.