Intro to Japanese Food

Japan is as alien to some foreigners as the dark side of the moon. However, recently, Japan has become one of the top destinations of tourists everywhere. More and more people are finding out about the beauty of Japan. Not only in its culture and sightseeing spots, but also of its food.


Yes, Japanese food is at the forefront of cuisines from all over the world. More and more Japanese restaurants are popping out in places around the world. Even third world countries are embracing Japanese culture with its adaptation of Japanese restaurants.

Japan is world-famous for its distinct ingredients such as Tofu, Shoyu, Miso, and dried bonito shavings are essential in every Japanese-themed restaurant.

When you say Japanese food, what usually comes to mind is sushi or Ramen. Other dishes such as Katsudon, Curry Rice, and Miso Soup also are popular.