Some Little Known Facts About Japanese Food

So, you’ve eaten at your local Japanese restaurant, and you probably think you’re quite the expert. Well, think again. There’s much more to Japanese cuisine than knowing how to mix wasabi and shoyu.

Here are some little known facts about Japanese food care of the infographic below.


Japanese food is more than just sushi. There are so many more elements to this delicate cuisine than you may think.

For example, did you know that 70% of Japanese people eat rice at least once a day. Rice is indeed a staple food in this country.

Another fact is that the record consumption of sake in Japan was in 1975, where 1.7 million kiloliters were consumed. People must’ve been totally heartbroken during this year. Haha.

Another fact is that the price of a record-breaking bluefin tuna was purchased at the Tsukiji market at 1.05 million pounds. Oh my goodness what a price for just a fish.


There are 3 basic noodle types in Japan. There’s the ramen, the soba, and the udon. They differ in the make of the noodle.

Next fact is that the exorbitant price of one kilogram of eel can go up to 38.25 pounds. But my oh my is that price worth it. Eel is quite delicious!

Here is a nice fact about how to drink tea according to one of our online internet SEO business partners whom’s . It takes 2-3 minutes for Gyokuro green tea to steep.

Did you know that it’s perfectly normal for you in Japan to slurp your ramen? Yes, it’s even a sign of politeness to the chef who made the ramen. It means you really enjoyed eating the dish.