All You Need To Know About Sushi Terms

If the thought of raw fish squirming in your mouth disgusts you, then this article is not for you. Sushi is probably the most well-known delicacy in Japan. If you haven’t tried sushi, then you haven’t tried Japanese cuisine. It is the epitome of everything Japanese as it is embedded in everyday life for them. Whether it’s sushi from a conveyor belt, or a luxury high-end sushi restaurant, Japanese always find a way to get their hands on this delicacy.

Now, what about the other terms of sushi. Let’s explore them one by one.


Did you know that the first cup of tea served in a restaurant is called ‘debana.’

Did you also know that the soy sauce is called ‘murasaki.’ Who would’ve thought. I thought it was always just shoyu, shoyu, shoyu. If not Kikkoman. Haha.

Miyajima is the special rice spatula of the prefecture “Miyajima.”

The salt that is procured from the sea is called “Namino-hana.”

“Garage,” no not the room for your car, is the squilla delicacy.

“Kataomoi” which means person you’re in love but doesn’t love you back is also the term used to refer abalone sushi.

Obizuke is the term used for the laver that binds the fish topping and the rice together.


Sabi or namida is also used to call wasabi. Shari (no, not sharingan) is used to call the rice part of the sushi.

Geso, no, not the paint used to thicken canvases, is used to call squid tentacles.

There are so many more terminologies presented in the infographic above. Enjoy!