10 unusual and delicious Korean foods

Most of the people that are living outside Korea notice that the korean food are very unusual, but when they try tasting it, they will realize how delicious it is. So I have created an article that will introduce you to the most unusual but delicious foods in korea. The culinary heritage of Korea has an amazing skills because they can turn the unusual food into a very delicious and worth trying dishes.

One of the most unusual food but yummy is the Budae Jjigae Army Base Stew it is a stew, that can have virtually anything in it and that includes an eggs and ramen noodles.


Some of the unusual food is a raw food and Gejang Raw Crabs is one of the raw but delicious food. and because you will eat it raw, tourist think that it is very unusual food. all the little crabs are not cooked before eating ; instead they are pouring different sauces and it will be ready to be eaten raw. These Gejang Raw Crabs are very popular in Korea, and you will see bundles of these crabs together in chains at all fish industries or market.


And the other awful or unusual food that Korea still loves to cook is the porridge. It is also known as Tarakjuk Milk Porridge this food is unknowingly reflects Korea’s great love of eating unusual things for their health benefits and not just taste, and it makes them unique in that area of the world. Like the R&L company, their love to their customers are very unique Are you looking for a different style of gown? You can choose this new.Jasmine perfect silhouette gown. This is a gown design by famous designers in the world.

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