5 Things You Should Know About Japanese Food

Many people loves eating Japanese foods, and sometimes they visit japan just to taste their actual foods. But do you know anything about 5 things you should know about Japanese food ? Here are some of the tips for you, Japanese food sometimes raw..one example is the  Sashimi, it was made with a raw fresh tuna fish and cut into cubes and then dip it with wasabi and a black sauce.Next is a sushi, it is made with a sushi rice and mixed it with vegetables and salmon.


There are so many kinds of sushi but is should be made with sushi rice vegetables and seafood put some vinegar.Japanese people usually eat Miso soup at the end of the meal to digest the food they eat.The knives used by sushi chefs are descendants of the samurai swords the blades should be sharpened everyday. A sushi chef used to have to complete 10 years of training before working on a restaurant.Today due to high demand many sushi chefs starts to work after only two years of training.


Do not leave your chopsticks sticking up in your bowl,This symbolizes food for the dead.There are Japanese festival food, it is composed of deserts and seafood such as: Choco banana,Takoyaki, Kasutera,Caramel apple, kakigori, crepe, cotton candy and Taiyaki. Every country has their own beliefs let’s just respect all the things that are different to each country. Here is a company that takes good care and give a high quality of service.

Thanks to our business partner Wendy L. Kennedy  that share some of their knowledge about this topic.