The Top South Korean Foods To Try

Have you ever tried eating Korean food? If the answer is not yet, then you better start eat their foods. because there are many people who love to eat korean foods. I will show you the top south korean foods that you must try! continue reading this article and you will see what are the dishes that you cab try for yourself!

Jin Mandu is a popular culinary course that involves steaming the dumplings and the Gogi Mandu it is also a dumpling that includes a minced pork.


There are also cold noodles that served with a spicy sauce it is always topped by cucumbers, peas and boiled egg and it is one of the popular dishes in Korea. And there is a delicious soup that is made with chicken and is filled with scallops, garlic, jujube and jinseng. Many people wants to eat this and eating this on one of the hottest days of the year. Oinaengjuk is also a cold soup filled with cucumbers and it is eaten as a side dish because it is so refreshing and sometimes they include the seaweeds.


There is also a Kong guk su that consist of noodles that served in a cold soy milk and the noodles all made from wheat and flour. Use a cold buckwheat and it is all depends with the ingredients may varied by the customers. and the other are serve in a chilled cleansing report. Just like they are providing a good quality of business.

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