The best food to eat in Japan

In Japan, many restaurants and food vendors are making delicious foods that the people are craving of and people are keep looking for more. Do you want to know what are the best food to eat in japan? Are you curious about what are these foods, so that you can try eating them too? If you want to know, then I will introduce to you some of the best and delicious food that you can only see and taste in Japan. This will surely make you hungry .


The most common and popular food in japan is Sushi it is appreciated by others because of its appearance and amazing taste. There are many kinds of sushi and different types of preparation, Nigirizushi it is a sushi that needs a hand press and it comes with a wasabi and toppings on it.

And there is also a street foods that even the tourists love the most. The Takoyaki is it a fried dough balls that includes octopus, green onions and ginger inside it the the balls are coated with mayo and other food savoring.


The Karoke is also popular in japan even though it is a street food vendors always wrapped this kind of food in a brown paper so that the customer can eat it on the go, majority of people preferred to eat in the street and in a because it is more fun than to a classy and fancy restaurants.

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