5 super-spicy Korean dishes

Spicy food is one of the favorite of korean. I will show you what are the korean dishes that koreans really wants in this article. There is Buldak (Fire chicken) is sparked off a trend for extraordinarily hot dishes in Korea and it keeps popular at many bars and accompanied by a cold beer, of course. The buldak-beer combo is known as chimaek. Order buldak surrounded by a ring of mozzarella cheese to melt away the misery If you want to tone down the heat.

There are Ddeokbokki (Rice and fish cakes in chili sauce) that includes Soft rice cakes and fish cakes that cooked in a sweet red chili sauce, ddeokbokki is one of Korea’s most loved snacks and comfort foods. There is Maeundae galbijjim (Braised short-rib stew) it is popuplar for being the most poll voted as one of the spiciest korean food.

Lee Kang-sun Silbijip nakji bokkeum (Stir-fried octopus) this dish has has four spiciness levels. Jjambbong (Seafood noodles) and this dish has the most hottest and ridiculous spice noodles in korea.


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