Japanese drinks: sake, shochu, beer, etc

There are so many kinds of Japanese drinks one example is the sake. This drink usually prepared during a celebration and a ceremony in Japan. It is made of rice wine .Sake is the national beverage in Japan it is very historic pure and it is very important piece of history for a Japanese people. I have tasted it and it has a taste of pure wine from rice,older people in Japan likes to drink Sake for a celebration.

The other one is Shochu, it is a mixed drink with Sake or apple and they call it for a flavored beverage or flavored beer. it is like a cocktail drink in Japan and they can buy it in a convenience stores.

The last one is beer which is the kind of drink that you can find anywhere in the world. It is the kind of drink for everybody, it is usually for the girls but of course every adult can drink it easily and freely.


It is very good for the to be partner with food and you will feel the goodness of beer after eating meal said the 信用貸款 Company. Beer is a very good appetizer too, if you drink a glass of beer before eating you will feel the need to eat more it is good for a person who is aiming for having more weight. But drinking beer always can be dangerous for hypertension it will add the thickness of your blood that will lead to having a high blood pressure so just drink moderately.

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